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September 15, 2009

This is an update from Jefferson Morley via the facebook cause ‘Stop the CIA stonewalling on JFK records’

This afternoon I am awaiting the CIA’s latest filing in my lawsuit seeking JFK assassination files. The filing is due in federal court in Washington today, Friday Sept. 11.

The CIA will be responding to my Aug. 7 motion calling for full disclosure of files of deceased CIA officer George Joannides.

I hope that by midnight I will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the CIA has decided to comply with the spirit of President Obama’s executive order on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and will announce its intention to release the long-suppressed files.

But I doubt it.

On related noted, I just got a link to a commentary by Jacob Hornberger, president of the libertarian Future of Freedom Foundation, who makes the case in a new Web ommentary that a special prosecutor should investigate Joannides’ role in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Hornberger notes a key point about the Joannides story:

“A common misconception regarding the law of fraud is that fraud requires an affirmative misrepresentation of a material fact. Not so. Fraud also occurs when there is an intentional failure to disclose a material fact”

Thus, Hornberger reasons, the failure of the CIA to disclose to JFK investigators in 1964 and 1978 that George Joannides had a financial relationship to Oswald’s anti-Castro antagonists at the time of JFK’s murder, constitutes fraud and obstruction of justice.

Hornberger is right. There is compelling evidence of criminal misconduct in Joannides’ actions related to JFK’s assassination. He is right that the Obama administration needs to take some action to clarify the record. Hornberger’s commentary is welcome and deserves wider circulation.

But I’m not prepared to endorse the special prosecutor remedy–at least not yet. Joannides is dead, leaving no obvious suspect for such a special prosecutor to investigate.

On there other hand, there are living people who have first-hand knowledge of Joannides’ covert operations in 1963. Their testimony could shed light on criminal activities related to JFK’s assassination. My view that we may need a JFK “truth commission.”

I’ll keep you posted on what the CIA says.

Thanks for your support and interest. Get your friends to join this FB Cause and we will prevail.



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