A victory for free speech

March 9, 2013

Even the Dallas Morning News is applauding the appellate court decision in favor of the First Amendment and expression of free speech in Dealey Plaza. The Dallas City Attorney has announced that the decision will not be appealed and that lifts the ban on Groden’s pursuit of a federal court decision upholding his rights. All of this should impact the Mayor and his planning committee in their decision to respect the First Amendment rights of COPA and the other critics to hold our annual Moment of Silence at the Grassy Knoll this year at 12:30 pm. This might be a good time for folks to write letters or online comments to the Dallas Morning News about their wish to exercise free speech that day, which is currently being denied by the Mayor’s announced plans.

A victory for free speech
Dallas Morning News
Saturday, March 9, 2013

Author and photographic evidence consultant Robert Groden has been persistent and visible among a bevy of JFK conspiracy theorists, so much so that the city of Dallas tried to stop him from hawking conspiracy brochures and books at Dealey Plaza. In a win for the Constitution, a county appeals court this week ruled that the city can’t block Groden from exercising First Amendment rights. Score one for free speech.

One Response to A victory for free speech

  1. October 27, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    the best Quote I have ever heard was ” Evil Prevails when good men do Nothing.” History will show these good men as extremists,conspiracy theorists, an even assassins. A dictator once wrote that History is written by the Winners..We as a nation have a very long battle ahead of us, if we the people intend to keep our Freedom and Constitution in tack the way our Fore Fathers INTENDED for it be. The time is now for ALL free men to come to the aid of their Country. If you believe in Obama an his agenda, you are truely NOT FREE.

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