Black Ops Radio – Jim Schutze, Rolling out the Dallas welcome mat

June 29, 2013

Black Ops Radio
Show #636
Original airdate: June 27, 2013
Topics: Rolling out the Dallas welcome mat
Jim Shutze (45:57)

The City is vetting applications, looking for extremists and terrorists
Previous peaceful observances by JFK Lancer and COPA
Mayor Rawlings met with John Judge, the Dallas welcome mat
One theory, Dallas is acting like it has something to hide
The role of the Sixth Floor is disheartening, persecuting Groden
Jumbotrons around the city, Dealey Plaza belongs to the country
Tighter security than when the President went to Dallas
Lee Harvey Oswald gets a hung jury at a recent mock trial
Was Dallas, and were people in Dallas, complicit?
Why be this touchy a half-century after the event?
Nicola Longford wanted transparency, but she went dark
Private funding donated for the security, W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation
The activity of Dallas has caused Jim to consider conspiracy possible
Black Op Radio to hold a mock trial of the City of Dallas – stay tuned…

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