John Ray Dies

June 16, 2013

COPA has hosted two speakers in the past regarding the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. who have written books based on the accounts of two brothers of the falsely accused assassin James Earl Ray. Each book is revealing in its own way (see below). Jerry Ray has also spoken over the years at COPA conferences.

John Larry Ray (1933-2013) has died in Quincy of Leukemia and kidney failure. John is the younger brother of James Earl Ray, the patsy in the Martin Luther King assassination.

John was convicted of aiding a bank robbery in 1970 in the court of William H. Webster, later the Director both at CIA and FBI.

The actual bank robber, Goldenstein, got a sentence of 18 months, John who allegedly picked up the bank robber after the robbery got 18 years in federal prison, (later converted to 25 years). John had no adult criminal history at the rime of the sentencing.

John had a long history of claiming that the Chicago mob was involved in the murder of MLK through the down-river East St. Louis mobster “Buster” Wortman.

John published Truth At Last in 2008, and after James’ death recorded a video claiming that his brother joined the fledgling CIA while in the US Army while stationed in Germany in 1948.

Truth At Last: The Untold Story Behind James Earl Ray and the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. by John Larry Ray and Lyndon Barsten (Apr 1, 2008)

A Memoir of Injustice: By the Younger Brother of James Earl Ray, Alleged Assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr [Paperback]
Jerry Ray (Author), Tamara Carter (Author)

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