L.A. Free Press – Special JFK Assassination Edition

November 20, 2013

Some of the best early research and evidence of conspiracy in the JFK assassination was gathered and printed in a special edition of the L.A. Free Press, published by Larry Flynt. Rob Falotica has scanned and reproduced the classic at his site www.worldwatchers.info, based on the work of Mae Brussell, one of the earliest and most thorough researchers into the case, who assisted D.A. Jim Garrison’s efforts to find the killers in New Orleans.


One Response to L.A. Free Press – Special JFK Assassination Edition

  1. Michael Chittum
    March 8, 2014 at 7:42 am

    I want the 1 million dollars(if that is correct) for turning over the TRUE assassins of my best friend JFK… I’m the one that left the Holy Bible on the boxes that Luke Mooney said they found–I can prove it was my family’s bible and I can identify the two shooters on the sixth floor—that’s just foir starters—-I have the secret documents that JFK and I put together as PROOF

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