New Film Out – Killing Oswald

November 27, 2013

After its world premiere at the Texas Theatre in Dallas last Sunday and a successful UK cinema release yesterday, my new documentary KILLING OSWALD is now available to stream worldwide at

The film features interviews with authors John Newman, Dick Russell, David Kaiser and Joan Mellen; Cuban exile leader Antonio Veciana and Watergate burglar Eugenio Martinez; alongside rare archive film and audio of Oswald and his alleged CIA handlers George De Mohrenschildt and David Atlee Phillips.

None of the TV specials aired here or in the US over the last few weeks have explored Oswald’s life before Dallas in any depth, so I hope the film provides a counter-argument to the mythology still swirling around Oswald in the mainstream media. It was heartening to see the film outscore Parkland in many reviews here yesterday.

Please help spread the word about the film within and beyond the research community. The DVD is also available on Amazon via the links on the website.

All the best,
Shane O’Sullivan

Killing Oswald
A film by Shane O’Sullivan
UK• 2013 • 102 MINS

Using archive footage, interviews and dramatic reconstruction, Killing Oswald explores the mystery of how and why John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald were assassinated in 1963. We trace Oswald’s bizarre transformation from US Marine radar operator in Japan, monitoring U2 spy planes over Russia; to 20-year-old Marxist defector, decamping to Moscow threatening to share military secrets with the KGB; to pro-Castro activist in New Orleans and self-proclaimed patsy in Dallas. We chart his secret life in the months and years leading up to Dealey Plaza, and the troubling intelligence connections that led to the “assassin” being assassinated.

“Killing Oswald sifts through the [secret files] made public after Oliver Stone’s JFK and raises compelling new questions about the whole affair” – The Guardian

“This excellent documentary from Shane O’Sullivan benefits from the richness of the archive material it has unearthed and from some intriguing testimony by well-informed ‘experts'” – The Independent (4 stars)

“A mesmerising and intricate tale…unique in that it focuses solely on the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his movements prior to the shooting” – Cine Vue (4 stars)

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