RFK- An open and shut case

May 8, 2008

A message from Robert Joling and Philip Van Praag.

FRIENDS……..This new scientific proof corroborates the physical evidence that we found in the 70’s that more shots were fired than the eight shots that Sirhan fired in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 5. 1968. Sirhan was firing in front of us slightly to the left. I was walking behind Bob facing Sirhan and took the first shot from Sirhan in the center of my head. He was then captured but firing wildly. This proves that we were facing Sirhan, and that Sirhan was never in a position to fire four point-blank shots into Bob from behind and to his right. These audio tests prove that a second gunman was behind him to his right and fired the four point-blank shots including the fatal shot one inch from the back of his head.
These gun shot tests are based on gun shot sounds on the only known audio recording made by a Canadian journalist. The tape recorders of all other journalists were turned off on their way to the press conference with Bob. New technology, methodology and computers made these scientific tests possible and couldn’t have been made earlier. These findings proving that a second gunman not Sirhan did it were presented to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Washington DC on February 21 and at the Dr. Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science in New Haven on March 25.
Go to our website for greater detail.(www.anopenandshutcase.com) All of the scientific and physical evidence is in the book AN OPEN AND SHUT CASE and is only available on our website The two forensic scientists responsible for these discoveries are Dr. Robert Joling, a former lawyer and judge who has investigated this case since 1969; and Audio engineer Philip Van Praag who has worked for corporations as a professional audio engineer for over forty years. Their full biographies and credentials are on the website.
I have been consulting lawyers on a legal strategy, and with Bill Rosendahl, ’68 RFK campaigner and member of the LA City Council on a political strategy. Those of us who loved, admired and worked with Bob have the first responsibility, as does his family, to find out who assassinated him and why. We must be as concerned and active as Bob who tried to find out who assassinated President Kennedy and why. He first said it publicly at a student rally in Los Angeles on March 25, 1968,”Nobody is more interested in who killed my brother than I am.” He promised the students who asked him that he would release the secret JFK archives. We must seek the same answers about his fate that he sought about his brother’s. We along with the American public need to know the truth and that justice will be done……..PAUL
PS: The title “An Open and Shut Case” was used by LA Police Chief Ed Davis. In fact this case was never opened and was shut down quickly as key evidence was destroyed, witnesses were abused and evidence was covered up or mishandled.

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