Response to DMN article on 22/11/2010

November 24, 2010

The Dallas Morning News wrote this article about the congregation in Dealey Plaza on the 22nd of November this year.

Here is the reply from COPA director John Judge.

For the first time in decades the Dallas Morning News covered the Moment of Silence held since 1964 by Penn Jones. Jr and continued at his request by John Judge, crediting it properly to me, but not mentioning COPA. A few years ago Jacqueline Floyd of the DMN gave us dishonorable mention, but not by name. She said I was “ranting” and disrespectful, a theme struck again here. She called the Moment of Silence “a morbid necrophilic circus”. My response to her noted that if we are the circus the Dallas media and news are the clowns having failed to do their jobs as investigators for all these long years about the most important event in the city’s history. Only Penn Jones in the tiny Midlothian Mirror, a town to the south of Dallas, was on the scene that day and spent the rest of his life uncovering the truth about the assassination and writing about it. He was an expert in the many witness deaths that followed. This article takes the obligatory swipe at us anyway, having a visitor call us “the crazies”. But in reality, we cannot honor the life of President Kennedy and his time in office until we solve his murder and the meaning of it. Refusing to face the truth about the coup d’etat in Dallas November 22, 1963 that allowed the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex Eisenhower warned about and the emerging southern rim economy that perpetuated it to rise to power and create the permanent warfare state we now live in, is the real dishonor. It’s what Jim Douglass rightly calls “the unspeakable”. However, until we speak it and stop pretending, we can never regain the democracy and hope we lost that day so long ago.

While many have different theories, not all theories and opinions are created equal. Among the serious researchers at COPA, we are not bickering any longer. The consensus about who killed Kennedy and why is bolstered by the release of the assassination files and the research done since 1963 on the case. We work from the hard facts, not from opinion and speculation. We are a coalition of medical, ballistics and forensic experts, academics and authors, journalists, and independent researchers and investigators. Many of us have legal and professional credentials and backgrounds, and advanced degrees. The DMN webpage has footage taken my an Associated Press photographer which pans past us but focuses on Ernst Brant and a fellow eyewitness to the assassination. Brandt comes every year to the Grassy Knoll to support the Oswald-lone-assassin story, the wildest of the theories to anyone who will listen. Secret Service agents Clint Hill and Gerald Blaine broke their silence after 50 years about the events of that day in the book Kennedy Detail and also spoke at the Sixth Floor Museum, calling for an end to the “conspiracy theory cottage industry”. Ironically, both the public statements of Clint Hill regarding the fatal shot to the right side of JFK’s head and “a hole the size of the fist” it caused (which could only have been at the left rear since Hill was on the left side of the limousine when he saw it) as well as the splatter of blood, bone and brain matter across the left side of the trunk of the car, and the statement videotaped by Brandt on the DMN site regarding the brain matter, bone and blood “going straight up into the air and then coming down on the trunk of the car are not consistent with the Warren Commission conclusions at all.

The statement in the DMN on the 30th anniversary by Billy Hargis, the last living Dallas motorcyle cop who was riding with the motorcade, directly to the left rear of Kennedy’s limousine, asserted that the brain matter, bone and blood “arched up into the air” and then came towards him. Bone fragment struck him so hard that even with a leather jacket on he thought he had been hit, stopped his motorcycle, looked down at all the blood on him and asked, “Am I hit?” (according to his testimony to the Warren Commission), also calls the lie to a shot from above and to the right of JFK, the alleged “sniper’s nest” of boxes in a sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, where the self-described “patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly pulled the trigger on all the shots that hit President Kennedy, Texas Governor Connally and bystander James Tague that day. A shot from that position would have driven JFK’s head downward, his body forward and to the left, and his blood, brain matter an bone forward into Governor and Mrs’ Connally, the Secret Service drivers, and the front of the limousine.

It is my view that a shot from the Grassy Knoll would have driven JFK and his brain matter back and to the left but down into the seat as well, coming from above his position. In the Zapruder and Nix films you can see Kennedy’s reaction to the head shot, back and to the left at over 100 mph, but also upward out of the seat. The blood and bones and brain would have been “arching” as Hargis said, “straight up into the air” as Brandt says, and “all over the trunk” as Hill recalls. One piece of skull fragment was found 30 feet behind the position of the limousine on the south or far side of Elm Street from the car. In addition, several people in the motorcade smelled gun powder. All of this suggests clearly a shooter from the front not from the rear or the TSBD. In my opinion to the right front and below the limousine’s position, in a storm sewer to the right front, not from the Grassy Knoll. There is disagreement about this, and it is not critical as to whether there were two gunman at least, or the existence of a conspiracy. The shot from below is also consistent with an entry wound on the right temple, which did shatter the skull and open a flap above Kennedy’s ear, and an exit on the occipital bone at the right upper rear of his skull, as described by all the Parkland Hospital doctors, nurses and medical technicians who saw it. It is also visible in the Zapruder film and some of the autopsy photos and X-rays.

But regardless of that, whatever killed President Kennedy hit him on the right side of his head and exited at the top rear, slammed him to his left rear, and its effect of covering the left trunk of the limousine and beyond with his blood, bone and brain matter, as attested to by the supposed conspiracy debunkers, supports without question our claims that the Warren Commission got it wrong, that there were at least two gunman there at the same time that day who, if they did not know each other, knew a mutual person who sent them perhaps, but clearly were part of the same planned operation. That means conspiracy. Far more than the real gunmen could, the history and identity of Lee Harvey Oswald and those who set him up as the patsy and doctored the evidence used to convict him, at least in the press and both official investigations, have led us to who killed our president in 1963 and why they did it. Like a recovering alcoholic, we have to admit the truth about our illness and self-deception before we can begin to change course and repair the damage done. The Dallas Morning News may never recover, but there are more of us and we can think. We need to face reality and to change America and restore real democracy now.

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