Dallas News Coverage of JFK Assassination and the death of Lee Harvey Oswald

March 3, 2012

CBS News Channel 4 KDFW in Dallas has created a website reviving some video footage of their news coverage from November 22, 1963 and afterwards, including a press conference at Parkland Hospital concerning Oswald’s death and interviews about news reports blaming right wing extremism in Dallas for the assassination. Interesting footage of General Edwin Walker, an announcement of JFK and Connally’s shooting made at the Trade Center luncheon site, and Drs. Malcolm Perry and Robert McClelland identified as having been involved in emergency medical care of both President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald. Use the TV dial to start the videos, which are also preserved at the Sixth Floor Museum.

Additional videos cover the events of the assassination and the aftermath, Oswald’s arrest and fatal shooting, medical reports, and more. The final section discuss conspiracy in the case, including the identity of the three “tramps”, Charles Harrelson, and the backyard photos reportedly of Lee Harvey Oswald holding both Communist and Socialist newspapers in one hand and the alleged murder weapon in the other. One report interviews the former Dallas police officer who did re-enactment photos at Oswald’s apartment at the behest of the Secret Service and formerly secret Dallas Police Department files that include a photo with a white matted figure of Oswald in the same position.


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