Robert F. Kennedy supported release of JFK assassination records

November 16, 2013

Paul Schrade, victim of gunshot wound in Ambassador Hotel pantry when RFK was shot, sent us this item. We support full release of records in all these cases and have been promised them regularly with no result. We suggest a writing campaign or petition to President Obama to get full release.

Democracies do not hide or bury secrets that the public has a right to know. Robert Kennedy said he knew what was in the JFK archives on March 25, 1968 in Los Angeles. To the cheers of 12000 students he promised to open the JFK archives as he said haltingly about the death of his brother Jack …..”There is no one who would be more interested as to who was responsible for the death of President Kennedy than I would.” Kennedy also promised, “I have seen everything in the archives, the archives will be available at the appropriate time.” The recording of RFK’s promise to open the JFK archives is in the KPFK-FM archives and is quoted in David Talbot’s book BROTHERS page 358.

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