Hold Your Own Moment of Silence on November 22, 2013 – Help Spread the Word

November 19, 2013

The Mayor of Dallas has called for Mayors in all other American cities to ring church bells at 12:30 pm CST to commemorate the moment of the Kennedy assassination on November 22, the 50th anniversary. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Democracy.

85% of the American public reject the findings of the Warren Commission report, as did the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, finding instead a “probable conspiracy” in the murders of President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. No federal investigation or action followed. We are the mainstream, not the dissent. Oswald’s role as a patsy, not a shooter, is supported by all the best evidence that has been released. The real evidence clearly points to a crime and a cover-up that followed that reaches to the highest levels of the U.S. government and military.

COPA will hold two Moment of Silence events on November 22 because we have been displaced by the Mayor from Dealey Plaza until 2:30 pm CST. If you are in Dallas we hope you will join us for both events, starting at 11:00 am at Main and Market Streets.

If you cannot be in Dallas, consider holding your own Moment of Silence and using your freedom of expression to be visible in communities and cities across America to ring “the chimes of freedom” by calling for a return to democracy and the rule of law in America, to transparency, accountability and truth. Let local press and the public know in any way you can that you will hold a public event at 12:30 pm CST in your time zone. Our model on the Grassy Knoll for 49 years has been to hold banners and signs about the case being open, the files being closed and justice being denied. We call ahead for a Moment of Silence, hold it and then researchers speak out about the best new evidence of conspiracy and coverup.

Honor the life and legacy of President Kennedy and his efforts for world peace and social justice by calling for a solution in courts to his murder. Let Congress and the president know it is time for all the files to be released this year. Don’t let the Mayor of Dallas and the Sixth Floor Museum create a Perpetuity of Silence about this assassination.

COPA worked together with Pete Johnson of the Columbus Free Press and Andrea Skolnick to produce a broadsheet to be handed out in Dallas on November 22 to inform thousands of people about the meaning and impact of the Kennedy assassination, to let them understand why they are being locked out of Dealey Plaza, and to promote our two Moment of Silence events and our 20th annual conference November 22-24 at the Aloft Hotel.

These will be handed out by volunteers (contact copa@starpower.net if you can assist) on November 22, but they can also be given out anywhere that day. Even if you do not plan to attend our conference, feel free to reproduce and distribute it in your community on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.


Also COPA has designed a t-shirt with our conference logo and title to be worn that day in Dallas and at the Mayor’s event. You could purchase one and wear it o November 22 as well to be visible and encourage public discussion and debate. Here is the link:
To order your shirt ($23.95) use this link:

Please join with us in any way you can to speak truth to power on this important anniversary.

One Response to Hold Your Own Moment of Silence on November 22, 2013 – Help Spread the Word

  1. Gary Fannin
    November 19, 2013 at 9:06 am

    How may I get tickets to Friday evening’s keynote and following speakers at the Aloft Hotel. I am staying at the Adolphus (not the JFK Lancer conference) because it is my favorite hotel in Dallas. I am interested in talking with these men afterwards.

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