How Kerry can clarify the JFK conspiracy issue

November 12, 2013

How Kerry can clarify the JFK conspiracy issue
Jeff Morley
JFK Facts
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November 11, 2013

After raising doubts about the official theory of President Kennedy’s assassination, the Secretary of State is backing away.

“I’m not going to get into that,” he told NBC’s David Gregory yesterday. “It’s not something that I think needs to be commented on, and certainly not at this time.”

Why so shy? Most Americans agree with Kerry with recent polls showing upwards of seven in ten Americans think Kennedy was killed by unknown conspirators.

To be sure, Kerry is not the Attorney General and it is not his job to articulate a more credible explanation of the causes of JFK’s murder. But as the American people’s representative to the world he does have a responsibility to represent the full range of American opinion on the subject to the world. President Kennedy was a world leader whose murder was a blow to people around the globe. People every where are still looking to the United States for a more credible explanation. In the past week I’ve done interviews about the JFK story with media outlets in Australia, Israel, and Dubai.

At a minimum, Kerry could urge his fellow cabinet members to comply with the 1992 JFK Records Act which mandates the “immediate” release of all assassination-related records in the government’s possession.

He could call on Attorney General Eric Holder to order full disclosure of the government’s records on the subject, starting with the “Top 7 JFK Files the CIA still keeps secret.”

Kerry could ask Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to order a search for the complete Air Force One tape from November 22, 1963. Last week audio expert Ed Priemau told the Detroit Free Press that the existing Air Force One tapes seem to have been extracted from a longer version that has never been made public.

“As I listen to the recordings, I can hear edits,” Primeau said. “I can actually go through and pick out spots where I believe there are pieces that were missing. And there’s lots of theories about why there would be pieces removed.”

The best way to dispel erroneous theories is with full disclosure.

Kerry is not the first or the only Washington power player to suspect a JFK plots. See “Top 6 Washington insiders who suspected a JFK plot.” (JFK Facts, Oct. 2, 2013)

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